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Google Chrome

I love trying new web browsers. Maybe it is because I’m a guy, but I’m sure there are lot of women out there who are the same way. We like new stuff. Period. I like Chrome so far, especially because … Continue reading

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Staying Strong as a Leader

For the past few months, because of the Mike Guglielmucci and Todd Bentley disasters, I’ve been giving a lot of thought to what it takes to stay strong as a leader. I don’t mean just as a Pastor, necessarily, but as a leader in general. We are all leaders in one capacity or another. Whether you are a teacher, a shift foreman, a pastor, a Sunday school teacher, a worship team member or a parent, you are a leader.

So, how does someone stay strong?

I think a lot of it has to do with knowing what causes a leader to fall. Perry Noble writes, in his article Four Transitions We Should Not Want To Make-Part 1:

“One of THE single most dangerous things a leader can deal with is the loss of passion for what God has called him to.

He goes on to say: Continue reading

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