Cycling Devotion: What’s Wrong With You?

I passed a rider the other day who was on the side of the road with his bike flipped over (I was in my car) and I stopped to see if there was anything I could do to help –turns out he simply had a flat and was just about finished fixing it. My guess is you’ve had a similar situation, either while riding alone or with a group. We have all had the luxury of being stuck on the side of the road, either due to something we did or something someone else did or just simply a nail in the road.

And if I’m not mistaken, the same thing happens each time: a fellow rider or a passer-by, assuming there is one nearby, stops to ask if they can help, and they do it with all sincerity….they actually want to help. Normally, nowhere in the conversation do they start blaming you for being on the side of the road. They also normally don’t question to find out if you caused the flat or if you were reckless and deserved to be there. They just offer to help.

What if, and here is a novel idea, we reacted the same way with our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ? What if we simply asked how we could help? What if we didn’t ask if they had caused it or if they had brought it on themselves and we just offered to walk through it with them?

You know what, they may be at fault. They may absolutely be reaping what they’ve sown, but so what? Aren’t we allowed to help someone even though it was their own fault. Didn’t God help us, and continue to forgive us, for things that we cause.

We, as believers, can be quick to tear people down instead of building them up. By the time we show up to help we’ve already convicted them of the crime and sentenced them in the court of our own mind.

I don’t know why we are like that but I sure hope I can learn to be better at it. I trust that as I strive to be more Christ-Like that I will at the same time become more compassionate and forgiving and less nosy and holier-than-thou.

Let’s all pray for that before we go to sleep tonight….

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