Book Review: Hungry For God by Margaret Feinberg

I invited Lil Mason from to guest blog this week. She graciously accepted and I’ve posted her review of Hungry For God, by Margaret Feinberg.

In Margaret Feinberg’s book Hungry for God, she takes the reader through her personal life experiences, which provide glimpses into some of the ways the Creator speaks to His children. She illustrates that inside every human heart lies the desire for intimacy, companionship, and fulfillment. While some search for these things in worldly pleasures that never truly satisfy our soul cravings, Feinberg provides insight that we are starving for God and only He can fill what is void in our lives.
She tackles the question that so many readers are afraid to ask: How do I hear from God? She confesses that in her own prayer life there are times she feels that her prayers can fall flat. How do we hear the voice of God, and also block out the shouts that come from the world that tell us to go against God’s law? Feinberg answers:

“God invites us to fix our eyes on the Lord. If we want our lives pointed Godward, then our focus must stay on him. God tucks himself into our life experiences and reminds us to look for him in the everyday. Hunger for God compels us to seek the Lord” (77).

She beautifully sprinkles scripture throughout the book to support biblical truths regarding prayer, as well as offer her personal stories that have helped shape her relationship with the living God.

Feinberg assures the reader that God does not always speak on the top of a holy mountain, but rather His presence is often illustrated through bible passages, a person, or even a tugging in your heart. Thus we can experience Him working in our everyday lives.
Hungry for God is a good read for individuals no matter where they are in the Christian faith.

Lil Mason

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I received this book from Zondervan to read and review.
–Roy Bauer

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