Irony or Providence?

Four or Five years ago I, subconsciously, picked up a tune that I kept playing over and over. It was a short riff that I began playing whenever I was leading worship or playing at a prayer service. Over the last few years I’ve played this tune hundreds of times but couldn’t ever remember where I had heard it. I searched my brain forever trying to remember the song and eventually just gave in to the fact that I’d probably never know.


Last night, while playing at the Hispanic ministry I help with, someone heard me playing that song (during prayer time) and asked me if that was such and such a song? He said it sounded like one he knew, and in fact, he had the chord sheet and words for it with him. After seeing the title and thinking back, it was the song. I played the song a couple of times years back when we were preparing to go to Panama for a Missions trip.

The song?  “Yo Te Busco”, which means I Search for You.

Irony or Divine Providence?

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