Features of a Banana Republic

Read these and tell me what current administration and country this reminds you of.

  1. A collusion between the overweening state and certain favored monopolistic concerns, whereby the profits can be privatized and the debts socialized.
  2. Devalued paper currency in the international community.
  3. Kleptocracy– those in positions of influence use their time in office to maximize their own gains, always ensuring that any shortfall is made up by those unfortunates whose daily life involves earning money rather than making it.
  4. There must be no principle of accountability within the government so that the political corruption by which the Banana Republic operates is left unchecked. The members of the national legislature will be (a) largely for sale and (b) consulted only for ceremonial and rubber-stamp purposes some time after all the truly important decisions have already been made elsewhere.
  5. “a money class fleeces the banking system while the very trunk of the national tree is permitted to rot and crash”

This was taken from Wikipedia. You can find it by clicking here.


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