Cycling Devotion: Follow My Example

When I first started riding a bike rather seriously, I was lucky enough that a local bike shop owner kind of took me under his wing. Not that I was any different than anyone else, he just knew that if he showed me some things there was a good chance I would keep riding and not stop, like many people do.

Well, 2 1/2 years later I’m still riding.

As I began doing longer rides and bigger group rides, two things became very obvious: I had to learn how to ride in a group and how to refuel as I rode. Paul, the bike shop owner, talked with me for a long time, numerous times, and I got the gist of it, but I still felt like something was off. He said I had to learn how to eat on a bike and how to pull (lead) on a bike.

His solution, which was fantastic and Biblical (but he doesn’t know that part) was for me to follow him. He told me to ride with him and when he eats I eat, when he drinks I drink, and when he points out something on the road, I need to take notice and learn to spot it as well.

Paul knew that talking was good but probably not the best way of communicating, so he took time out of his very busy day to literally teach me how to ride a bike properly.

On these rides, and there were a couple, I learned how to signal for a pedestrian, how to tell someone I’m slowing down, how to tell someone I’m passing someone else, how to slow down without out causing a sudden stop for the guy right on my wheel. But he also showed me how often to drink and eat and how to do it efficiently, without losing momentum. I also learned how to draft properly and how far away to be from the tire in front of me, and I learned where to draft (echelon) when the wind is blowing.

Everyone can learn these things in time by riding with groups and picking up little stuff here and there, but Paul wanted me to be the best rider I could be and the best way to do that was to have me follow him and do what he did.

It’s a Biblical Principle

God put Adam and Eve on earth and had a glorious, personal relationship with them, and they sinned. God has been trying to reestablish that relationship ever since. Through Noah, after the flood, then Abraham and then Moses with the commandments, He has given us every chance to be the people He created from the beginning. But we kept turning our backs on God and put how other people see us over our true identity. (i.e. Pharisees and Sadducees)

So, God sent His only son to earth to be the sacrificial lamb, the perfect sacrifice. And in doing so, Jesus lived on earth for 33 years dealing with heartache, abandonment, chastisement, loneliness and loved ones being sick. And through all of that, He taught (showed) us how to handle situations. And if that wasn’t enough, when he went back up to the Father, the Holy Spirit was sent to live inside of us to teach and guide us along the way.

Not only do we have the Bible to tell us what God has for us, we also have a guide that is with us 24/7 showing us as well.

Well, like I said, my bike friend Paul was teaching me a Biblical principle and didn’t even know it. If I will allow God to mold me and shape me into the person He created me to be, I will learn much faster and perhaps skip a lot of mistakes.

If I simply do as what I see Jesus do and act the way Jesus acted, I’ll be fine. And how do I know what Jesus does and how He acted… the Bible.


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  1. Sharon Campbell says:

    Very good analogy! Thanks for posting it! Hows the family bike trip planning coming along? I just RSVP’d hotel rooms for next years ride…I think you should plan one…you just won’t log as many miles as you do with Paul and you definately won’t burn as many calories (I read the blog on about exercising and not losing weight…same thing happens to me) if you have kids unless the burley is on YOUR bike!

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