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Book Review: Night Watchman by Mark Mynheir

Growing up, my mom was a huge Agatha Christie fan. In fact, she may have nearly every book she ever wrote in one form or another. So from an early age, I’ve been hooked on murder mystery books and, unfortunately, … Continue reading

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…With a Whip or With Love and a Gentle Spirit.

In 1 Corinthians 4, Paul encourages his fellows believers to stay the course, and lets them know that things are hard and will continue to be so, for those who follow Christ. In the last couple verses of Chapter 4, … Continue reading

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Cycling Devotion: Are You Complacent?

When we ride with a group, generally there are different levels of riders, riding. The faster ones will obviously be up front, and the slower ones will be towards the back. The rest of us will fall somewhere in between. … Continue reading

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Cycling Devotion: Replenish

Our Physical Life Let me set the conditions for you and you tell me what you need for the ride. We are going on a rolling, 63 mile ride. The temperature is going be 80 at the start and near … Continue reading

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