Getting Political…Sometimes You Have To

I am going to give you my frustrated opinion on what is going on in the world. Call me naive. Call me crazy. Call me whatever you want. This is what I see, what I have to say about it and why.

I know, supposedly (different polls show different things), President Obama is doing a great job, but I don’t see it. The economy is on the rebound, but really has been for awhile. Look back through history and you will see that it always does. No matter who was elected president the economy was going to pick back up, that is what it does. But in order to be elected, President Obama, and everyone trying to get him into office, had to convince the world that we are headed to hell in a hand basket, economically speaking. Going back to last fall, we as a nation, were duped into believing this “savior” would save us from…what?

Since taking office, President Obama has …”overturned George W. Bush’s restriction on embryonic stem cell research”, removed the “conscience clause” that allows medical professional the grounds to refuse medical services (abortion, abortion-pill, etc…) based on faith or conscience and removed the abortion restriction on U.S. (tax payer funded) money given to foreign medical services, allowing them to perform abortions (President Bush had a restriction in place that wouldn’t allow foreign entities to receive US money if they performed abortions). President Obama was in the paper recently because, before he would step in front of a microphone and cameras, he had all of the crosses and Christian symbols removed (from camera view) from a church where he was giving a press conference. Also, to my knowledge, they (Obamas) haven’t been to church since last fall. If you remember correctly, the papers made a big deal about where he’d be attending Easter service (apparently they hadn’t been to a local church since arriving nearly 3 months earlier).

Obviously the world doesn’t revolve around the abortion issue or gay marriage. But these issues are a part of what this world does revolve around: God and his will for us as humans and more importantly, as believers.

When you see what laws and bills our current president is in support of, it is scary. As a parent, I have a real problem with a leader who doesn’t even support the rights of an innocent child. As a believer, I have a huge problem with a president who doesn’t have the balls to stand up for himself when it comes to gay marriage or civil unions.

I have friends, who I know love God with all of their heart, who were and still are in full support of President Obama, knowing full well what he’s doing to the social agenda in America. They say, “well, you can’t legislate morality.” Like crap you can’t. In fact, the government has to, if they didn’t anarchy would rule. The government absolutely has to set what morals and values this country stands for or anything and everything would be legal and there would be no peace. If our president, the supposed leader of America, doesn’t even hold the simple values of Christianity, don’t expect the country to prosper because of him.

And the funny thing about it? People are happy as school kids and think the the savior of the world is here. To me, that is the sad part and that is what this post is about. Read these two comments from a message board:

Person 1: “God is [in charge].He let’s Satan have his way for awhile but God is in charge and despite people like you Obama is not.”

Person 2: “Ok, I’ll buy that. Well, the “God’s in charge” part. God’s in charge and he’s got Obama running things. I’m good.”

To give you perspective, read 1 Samuel chapter 8. Seriously, right now if possible.

Okay, I’ll assume you did it and we can continue.

The Israelites wanted a leader, not caring whether or not it was the right thing for them. They wanted what they wanted, so that the leader could “lead us”. Meaning: fight their battles, think for them so they didn’t have to do anything. They wanted to be like the other nations, prosperous and worldly—politically correct—not biblically correct. And they got just what they wanted and were as happy as they could be. I mean they were beside themselves, for a time.

I talk to a lot of people, some who are happy with the current administration, some who are ecstatic with the current administration, some who are disgusted with the current administration, and some who are down-right scared to death of what the future holds with current administration, socially.

My only concern is this: have we seriously become a nation, like Israel, who only cares about what other “nations” thought and not what God thought?

If you aren’t a Christian, then this article isn’t for you and you didn’t understand any of it anyway. But if you claim, like I do, to be a believer in Christ Jesus, than you need to pay attention to what is going on. Someone, whether it is Obama, Bush or whoever is next, can’t ignore God and really think that as long as the economy is good that everything is alright.

If President Obama is a “born-again” believer in Christ then he needs to stop being such a pansy and start living the life he proclaims to have. If he isn’t a believer, then join me in prayer for his and his family’s salvation.


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2 Responses to Getting Political…Sometimes You Have To

  1. Eve says:

    Amen!! I agree with your synopsis of Obama and the direction of our nation. Hopefully, we, as a nation, will repent and turn so that He will hear us, forgive us, and heal our land before our children suffer for us crying out for “a king over us, that we may be like all the nations” .

  2. Tim Hodge says:

    Very good stuff Roy. Very well articulated.

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