Writing a Song? Yeah, Right.

For years now I have written down words to songs that I want to write, and a couple of years ago I even put a few to music. But after recording them and listening to them played back, I realized they weren’t any good. However, now I seem to have words that I feel would be fantastic and a melody that I think would be fantastic, but I am not sure how to put the two together. And I don’t know if I’m the right one to do it. I feel like I would mess up something that has potential.

Maybe it’s because music and lyrics mean so much to me, but I think of worship songs as something holy unto themselves. Mighty to Save, for instance, is a song that literally makes me think, “Wow, our God is powerful and He CAN do all things.” Amazing Grace brings out images of God’s loving arms; loving us when we had no business being loved. A friend of mine (Thomas Franks) wrote a song titled, King Of The Earth, and the bridge has these lyrics:

Every people every tribe
Hear their voices as they cry
You are the Savior of all time
Only You can touch their lives
So reach down Your hand on high
Flood the nations with Your light
Lord shine

Every time we play this song it brings tears to my eyes. I can picture the whole world being flooded with the light of Christ and souls being changed everywhere. To me, writing songs like this is incomprehensible. Because it goes beyond just words, it reaches into your insides and touches you in a way that isn’t possible. I’ve watched as God used a song to melt grown men and women. I’ve seen, as you probably have too, people respond to music in a way that words alone could never do.

I know it isn’t my responsibility, or ability, to make songs powerful on a soul changing level. But if I do ever write a real song I want it to be everything God needs it to be in order to reach people. I don’t want to just write to be writing, or play to be playing. I need there to be meaning to the things that I do or why do them?

But at the same time, I know there are thousands upon thousands of song writers in this world, most of which will never have a song heard by anyone other than themselves. I know very, very few people ever have their songs reach multitudes. But I am just crazy enough to think that if God gives me words and a melody to a song then He intends it to be heard. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.


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4 Responses to Writing a Song? Yeah, Right.

  1. your mom says:

    I understand what you’re saying and feeling.
    Does that scare you???

  2. Roy Bauer says:

    No, that doesn’t scare me. Just don’t sign it, “your mom”. People may think it’s genetic and that there’s no hope.

  3. Your sister says:

    I understand, too. It is genetic, but there is hope. Maybe we are a family of worshipers that Abba wants to use, or not. Seriously, I would love to have the opportunity to hear what is on your heart in musical format.

  4. Roy Bauer says:

    What’s in my heart would sound like one of those instruments off of Dr. Seuss.

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