Book Review: The Echo Within


Let me ask you a question: Do you know what your calling is? In his book, The Echo Within, Robert Benson takes us on a personal journey to discover not only what our calling is, but who to listen to in order to find it.

You know how some people are afraid to be the real “them” around others? They don’t feel like they can be themselves because someone may judge them and think differently about them. Well, Robert Benson doesn’t have those fears. He lays it all on the line and I really appreciate him for that. I’ve never read any of his other books but I feel like, after reading just this one, I know a part of him. He writes out of personal experience and it is that personal experience that we can all relate to in one fashion or another.

His frankness and semi-sarcastic style resonated with me and will with you, I believe, as well. The Echo Within is a glimpse into the head of someone giving you advice on a very difficult subject. He lays it out plainly for all to see, that we were created with a voice inside of us, an echo, that guides us and gives us direction. He walks us through learning how to distinguish that “echo” and how to know whether it is from God or not. He gives examples from his own “calling discovery” to help us understand how this process works.

In the end, The Echo Within, will leave you with a better understanding of yourself and confidence that we all were created by God to hear His voice, and because of that, we can find our calling, that Echo Within.

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You can also leave a comment telling me a time in which you know you heard the voice of God. I’ll pick one lucky commentor to win a free copy of The Echo Within.

Author Bio:

Robert Benson has written more than a dozen books about the discovery of the sacred in the midst of our ordinary lives, including Between the Dreaming and the Coming True, Home By Another Way, and Digging In. His work has been critically acclaimed in a wide range of publications from The New York Times and USA Today to Spirituality & Health and The Benedictine Review. He is an alumnus of The Upper Room’s Academy for Spiritual Formation and was recently named a Living Spiritual Teacher by He lives in Nashville, Tennessee.

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