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Every once in awhile you read a story that touches a part of you deep inside. Currently, February 18, 2009, there is a story on the front page of ESPN.com College Basketball section about a Clemson basketball player named Tanner Smith. I follow Clemson basketball very closely and I’ve watched this true freshman play this year and he has a great shot.  Having said that, that isn’t what the story in ESPN is about. It’s about his and his family’s charity to cancer patients.

Dana O’neil from ESPN writes:

The fourth-grade creative assignment was pretty straightforward: If I Had Three Wishes.

Kathy smiled as she read the first item on her son’s bucket list: a golden retriever. Ever since he met a slobbering canine friend across the street, Tanner


had been hounding his parents for a puppy. But with the holidays closing in, his parents already had warned him: Don’t bother asking Santa for a dog.

His second wish was to play professional basketball, hardly a surprise for a young jock like Tanner, who spent his time shuffling between the football fields, baseball diamonds and basketball courts in his Alpharetta, Ga., community

It was the third item that made Kathy stop.

“To make kids with cancer laugh,” Tanner wrote in his 9-year-old scrawl.

I don’t want to give away anymore of the story, so you need to go and read it for yourself. If you are prone to tearing up, have Kleenex handy. This story will remind you that there still is a lot of good left in people. Also, if you feel like giving to this awesome organization, you can visit it at www.tannerstotes.com


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  1. Roy Bauer says:

    I am learning how to give credit for pictures. I am great at text, but pictures I forget about. Both pictures, as well as the one on the front, are from ESPN.

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