Amazing Grace: Just the Black Notes

I saw an incredible video this morning. This video moved me beyond words, and that’s hard to do. To keep an audience of that size in awe for that long shows the anointing this man has, the magnitude of the song, and the power of God’s Amazing Grace. Watch it and you’ll never sing this song the same way again.

Thanks to a fellow worshiper for recommending this video.


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2 Responses to Amazing Grace: Just the Black Notes

  1. Bart says:

    Great singing … but his story is just not true. Newton never sung Amazing Grace to the tune we know today.

    Amazing Grace was first published in 1779. It was first linked to the tune “New Britain” in 1835 – 56 years later, and 28 years after Newton’s death.

    And that tune was just one of many for another century. The song only became famous when it hit the pop charts in the 1960s. (See this link for more details.)

  2. roy says:

    Thanks for the link and the comment. I actually knew the song was written well before it was added to the “Amazing Grace” melody, but I still was captivated by the thought of slaves, who were treated beyond horrible, singing out unto the Lord.
    I live in the South and have heard “Spirituals” sung in a slave dialect, Gullah.
    To me, this video was powerful because of the audience. Watch the video and you see black people sitting next to white people singing a song, about God’s Amazing Grace, that was written by a former slave-ship captain. How much more powerful can you get, especially considering Sundays are probably the most segregated day of the week. Here in the south, most churches are either 90% black or 90% white. It is refreshing sometimes to see all of God’s children come together under one heading, Christian.


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