We Don’t Always Have To Be New And Innovative

Thomas sent me a link to his pastor’s blog and I wanted to post it here. One of his latest posts is entitled Must I Always Be New And Innovative?

It talks about churches or pastors not needing to reinvent church or the Word of God. They just need to tell the same story in a way that is relevant to the people, so they can understand it.

There are movements out there that are trying to change the way church is done just for different’s sake and that is dangerous. God is the same today, yesterday and forever. So all that our churches need to do is to make sure that the truth is communicated in a clear fashion, and as the people draw close to God He will draw close to them.

Read the article, it is good.

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2 Responses to We Don’t Always Have To Be New And Innovative

  1. your mom says:

    I enjoyed reading this. A lot of truth.

  2. Wayne says:

    Just a comment on The Shack. Years ago, about the time The Celestine Prophecies was published, I was given a copy. I started reading it and quickly found it to be New Age philosophy. But the compelling thing about it was the medium, the story they used. The Shack is using that same device. However, as I read it I had the feeling of sliding my hand into a fine, kid leather glove. Because of the valley my wife and I are going through now, and the extraordinary way God has revealed Himself to us, The Shack was a powerful and warm experience,. I highly recommend it.

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