Ever Thought of Hiring a Nanny? Read This

I found this ad for a nanny the other day on Craigslist (totally by accident—sorry honey, I wasn’t shopping for a nanny). This apparently was featured in some newspaper articles and stuff. It is funny but disturbing. I’ll have to give this lady credit, she is brutally honest (there are some choice words in here) but she lays in on the line. For a good laugh, or at least a different perspective, read it.

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2 Responses to Ever Thought of Hiring a Nanny? Read This

  1. Larry says:

    excellent God Thoughts, When are you going to share some more? These are great. I belong to a church abased cycling group in ALberta. We are always looking for a small devotion to start our rides. Could we share some of yours?
    Larry in Leduc

  2. Roy Bauer says:


    Thanks for the reply, it is always good to hear from fellow cyclists. That is awesome that you guys have a church based cycling group. You are more than welcome to share any devotions I have in my blog. I have more to post and will do my best to get them on here in the next few days. And after, that I’ll just post them as I write them. Good luck in Alberta. Try and stay warm.


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