Favorite Worship Song Part II: Burn In Me by Paul Wilbur

Burn in me
Burn in me
Let the fire of the Holy One burn in me

(verse 1)

Your word’s like a fire
Burning in my soul
Burn up the dross
Bring forth the gold

(verse 2)
You feel like a fire shut up in my bones
Consume me Lord
Make me Your own

For whatever reason, my personal worship time leans towards Messianic worship songs. I don’t know if it’s the words or the rhythm, but it stirs something in me that other types of music can’t.

And one of the most well known Messianic worship leaders is Paul Wilbur, who has been putting out great music for more than 20 years. He has a distinctive style and while I don’t necessarily like all of it, some of it is fantastic and I can’t get enough.

One the songs that I enjoy playing and worshiping to is Burn In Me. It is from his Holy Fire album released in ‘97. If you’ve never had the opportunity to hear Messianic music, this is a good place to start. The song is easy to follow, has a driving rhythm and very powerful lyrics. I have had the privilege of hearing and playing with some very anointed Messianic worship leaders, both here and abroad, and there is just something (I keep saying that) about that style of music.

Whether you are leading a congregation or just playing for and audience of One, Burn In me is powerful and should be in your repertoire.

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