Favorite Worship Songs Part 1: All We Need by Charlie Hall

We have all we need in You

And all we need is You

All we need is You

Simple Lyrics but a powerful song. All We Need, by Charlie Hall, came out a few years ago but has become one of my favorite worship songs of late. Like a Hallmark card, All We Need says something I feel but in a more eloquent way. If you have it, listen to it with a renewed energy. If you don’t have it, get it.

For free chord charts of Charlie Hall’s music check out his website, www.charliehall.com

What are your favorite worship songs? Let me know what they are.

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2 Responses to Favorite Worship Songs Part 1: All We Need by Charlie Hall

  1. your mom says:

    I do not have many memories as a child of Christmas but I do remember each child in S.S got a bag of fruit…an apple, orange, whole nuts, habadab and a candy cane. Smelling an orange to this very day, brings back that memory. My Dad was SS Superintendent and he and Dooley bought and gave the fruit to each child.

  2. Roy Bauer says:

    Congatulations, your mom, you are our winner. I will be sending you the book just as soon as I can.

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