Can Worship Music Have The Blues?

I sure hope so, because I have been craving good blues music lately. I had the pleasure of playing behind a great musician named Ron Goodman a few years ago. We were leading a “watch” at the Succat Hallel in Israel and Ron’s type of music was incredible to me because it wasn’t traditional “worship” music. It was somewhere between blues and country.

I’ve noticed over the last couple of years that anytime I get to just play or jam with a group, I end up leaning towards a blues feel. So that leads me to my initial question: Can worship music have the blues?

I like nontraditional worship music. I guess to me, blues music sounds great is because it feels improvisational, from the heart. If you watch blues musicians you can tell it is something that is coming from the inside, not just notes on a page. And isn’t that what we want our worship to be: From the heart, not just from rote memory?

It just seems to fit.

Check these out.

Bring Them In by Ron Goodman

Friend of Sinner by Ron Goodman

Also, check out Enter The Worship Circle. They have some great music.

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