A Move of God Will Piss Some People Off

I thought that might get your attention!

At my home church there is a move of God happening right now like we haven’t seen in years, maybe in its existence. Someone in our church said that on Sunday there was a noise coming up out of the church, not normal amens or hallelujahs, but a different kind. She told me at lunch that the prayers we have prayed are being answered.

But if I have learned anything in my short time here on earth it is this: If there is a move of God there will be opposition. There will be a contingency that doesn’t like the direction or the vision of the leader.

So, is it normal for a mighty move of God to be opposed? And the obvious answer is YES. Perry Noble in his post this morning, started a great series on staying focused as a leader. In it he says:

…a move of God will have two characteristics…

It will fire people up!

It will piss people off!

That is profound and has Biblical precedence. Nehemiah 4:1 says, “When Sanballat heard that we were rebuilding the wall, he became angry and was greatly incensed…”

Noah was opposed for 120 years. Paul, Peter, Stephen and John the Baptist; all opposed. And of course, Jesus has been opposed since the beginning of time.

It is clear that anytime God begins to do something in a church there will be a group that opposes it. Well, like my pastor says, Bring It. Because if people are pissed off then we must be doing something right.

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