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Favorite Worship Songs Part 1: All We Need by Charlie Hall

We have all we need in You And all we need is You All we need is You Simple Lyrics but a powerful song. All We Need, by Charlie Hall, came out a few years ago but has become one … Continue reading

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New Music From Charlie Hall

Six Step Records, born out of the Passion worship movement in the late 90’s, has four artists on its label. But these four put out some of the most powerful worship music there is. When you mix their heart for … Continue reading

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Book Review: My Mother’s Wish

UPDATE: The book, My Mother’s Wish, was poignant and timely. It is a short book that is long on humor and heart. It is hard for me to believe that a book that took less than an hour to read … Continue reading

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Great Election Commercial

CLICK HERE TO WATCH AN AWESOME VIDEO. JUST WATCH IT. I know the election is over but this is worth it. This is by a group of of Atlanta called Ron Clark Academy Whether you voted for Obama or McCain … Continue reading

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Can Worship Music Have The Blues?

I sure hope so, because I have been craving good blues music lately. I had the pleasure of playing behind a great musician named Ron Goodman a few years ago. We were leading a “watch” at the Succat Hallel in … Continue reading

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A Move of God Will Piss Some People Off

I thought that might get your attention! At my home church there is a move of God happening right now like we haven’t seen in years, maybe in its existence. Someone in our church said that on Sunday there was … Continue reading

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Frustration-Free Packaging from Amazon

Don’t you hate all of the packaging and twist-tie things that come in the toys today. I missed most of last Christmas because I was holed up in the corner with a saws-all, scissors, chisel, hammer and blow torch trying … Continue reading

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If The Worse Actually Did Happen

You know the phrase, “What’s the worse that could happen?” Well, what if it actually did? My wife and I were talking last night about the election and that led to a discussion on abortion and right-to-life stuff, interesting conversation … Continue reading

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Book Review: Me, Myself & I AM

From page one, it is a book that will encourage you to think about things you may not have before. So often we take our faith for granted and really aren’t sure why we believe or do certain things. I’ll have to admit, in the section where it was asking me what I believe and why, I was a little unnerved because I wasn’t sure why. I grew up in the “church” so a lot of the beliefs I have were taken for granted. I just believed it, but I didn’t know why.

I found this book to be a blessing because it caused me to think a little more about my faith and why I do or don’t do some things. It also helped me delve into my past and bring to the surface some decisions or choices I was holding on to that I needn’t. (is that really a word?)

I highly recommend me myself & I AM by Matthew Peters and Elisha Stanford for it’s therapeutic qualities; it has to be healthy to take time every now and then to look, contemplatively, at why we are who we are. The Bible is clear that forgiveness is good for the soul, well maybe, so is a little introspective look inside the soul.

me myself & I AM is not a hard book to read but it does take some commitment. It will take time, if you really put thought into it, to go through the book and answer honestly all of the questions. It isn’t a long book, but it is a book that has the potential to be very powerful –if you let it.

Think about it, when was the last time you asked yourself what you would say to an atheist if asked to explain why you believe in God and how you know He is real? How would you explain to a friend the moment in your life when you changed from knowing about God to knowing Him personally and choosing to follow Him? Continue reading

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