What Do You Do With The Truth?

Let’s say for instance that you look out of your second floor window and see a car coming, barreling down the road, and it will hit your neighbor, who is standing in the road, if he doesn’t move. But the neighbor looks around and doesn’t see it. In fact, he gets mad and yells at you for trying to tell him what to do. He says it is his business if he wants to stand in the road. Who are you to tell him to move?

What do you do? Do you just let him stand there and die?

Do you do everything possible, whether he likes it or not, to try and convince him to change what he is doing? What if he calls you intolerant and gets mad at you for trying to force him to believe what you believe?

You see, you know the truth, but he doesn’t want to hear it. Does that change the fact that the car is still coming? Does his denial negate what will happen if he doesn’t move? Is he in less danger just because he doesn’t believe he is?

I read some comments on a Pagan/Wiccan message board the other day (don’t ask…..) Most of the comments weren’t hateful or mean spirited, they were what you’d expect from any group of people who feel like another religion’s beliefs are being forced on them. They were talking about Christians and how they are always telling Wiccans what they should believe and how they are wrong. The Wiccans on this message board were talking back and forth about why Christians should just mind their own business. They feel that if they want to follow witchcraft then that is there prerogative. Who are Christians to tell them they are wrong?

And I understand that feeling. Who are we, as Christians, to tell someone who believes differently that they are wrong? Who am I to tell a Pagan or a Muslim or a Scientologist that they are living a life that will end badly? Why can’t I just mind my own business, live my little life and just let everyone be whoever or whatever they want? WHY CAN’T WE JUST ALL GET ALONG?

You know why? Because unfortunately I can see the car coming, and there are a lot of people standing in the road.

Give Us a Sign, So We Can Believe

So if I really know the truth, then why are there so many people in the world who don’t believe it? God can’t really be real, can He? If there was a God then everyone would believe, right?

Maybe if God gave us a sign that He was there, then everyone would flock to Him. Oh wait, He’s already done that. Maybe if He came down to earth and told us Himself. Oh wait, He’s already done that too. Maybe if He came down to earth, did miracles, healed the sick and raised the dead then we’d have to believe. Oh wait….. You get my point. There is nothing that needs to be done that God hasn’t already done in order for people to believe.

In Ecclesiastes 3:11, the writer says, God “…has also set eternity in the hearts of men:…” What this means is that we are all born knowing there is more out there than what we can see. I have heard it said that religions were created out of fear. It was a way for leaders to control the masses, keep them in line. That is the biggest crock I’ve ever heard. From the beginning of time we have been looking for God. Whether it was through Egyptian Sun Worship or Celtic Paganism or the New Age crap Oprah is dishing out, we have been searching for God our whole existence.

Isn’t Being Spiritual Good Enough

I have family who don’t have anything nice to say about Christianity or “God”, but they float from one form of spirituality to another. One year it was Sylvia Browne and now it is Oprah and Eckhart Tolle with his new book, New Earth. To give you an idea of what Oprah and New Age religions are saying, here is a quote from Oprah’s Webinar,  “God is a feeling experience and not a believing experience. If your religion is a believing experience…then that’s not truly God”

Watch this video, it is a little corny, the guy who uploaded it put his two cents worth in there, but the video is remarkable because you see Oprah for the spiritual leader she is. If she would just stick to philanthropy and helping people cope she would have been so much more effective, but I guess the money has gone to her head and she feels like she needs to influence people on a deeper level, watch it and comment.

Click here to view the video of Oprah talking about Jesus. In the video she says that there can’t possibly be only one way to heaven. She says Jesus is not the only way. Watch it for yourself.

Scary isn’t it? None of this would be a big deal if she had said she didn’t believe in Jesus or that she was an atheist. But I think a lot of viewers were under the delusion that she was a Christian and that she just viewed it a little differently. That obviously isn’t the case, to the point that she has gone world wide with her and Tolle’s teaching on The Power of Now.

Oprah isn’t the only person out there screaming that all religions lead to the same place and I don’t mean to pick on her, she is just the most outspoken and most influential one right now.

Essentially that is what the people were saying on that Wiccan message board, “we have our version of the truth, you have yours, leave us alone.”

The problem is that just because someone feels like all religions are right doesn’t mean they are. I heard someone say earlier (I’m not sure where I heard it) that saying all religions are right is like telling a blind man, who is standing at the edge of a cliff, to just walk whichever direction he wants because they all lead to the same place.

There is only ONE WAY and that way is Jesus.

So, What Do We Do?

As a believer we have to figure out how to get the man in the street to understand that a) a car is coming and b) what he is doing won’t get him out of danger.

You can yell and scream all you want but in the end it won’t do much good. You can tell him he is wrong and that he is an idiot for doing what he is doing but you’ll just make him mad and he will still get hit by the car.

When it comes down to it all we can do is what Jesus did, tell them and love them. The only people Jesus railed against were the ones who should have known better, the ones who were acting spiritual but weren’t. He never got mad at people for not believing, he just felt sorry for them. Remember, when Jesus looked at Jerusalem, he wept. Why? Because he loved them so much but they wouldn’t listen to Him. They had all the religion they needed and didn’t want to be told that their version of the truth was wrong. Sound familiar?

There will always be people who don’t want to hear the truth even when God himself says it to them. Don’t get frustrated with them, concentrate on the ones who are willing to hear what God has to say. Also, remember that those people following the New Age stuff realize there is more out there than themselves. It’s not that they don’t believe there is more out there, they just haven’t found the truth yet. Just make sure that when they are ready to hear it you are ready to share it.

We are living in a time, not unlike the time of Jesus, where everyone is spiritual. Everybody has their own version of truth. All over the world religions are growing. There is not a lack of belief, there is a lack of truth. Real truth, the stuff that you can hang your hat on. The truth that sets people free.

So, what do you do with truth? You do the best you can at making sure everyone hears it and you pray that the light will come on in their life.

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  1. Charlie Sharpe says:

    Awesome Job on this. It helps me to kinda stand back and let God work in them and not me in them. Thank you!

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