Muslims vs Christians in the Media

I saw the other day that Sony has postponed the release of one of its new games because there is a line in one of the background songs that has a portion of the Koran in it. They said they didn’t want to offend any Muslims. I can understand their point of view and really admire them for being sensitive. But what if that was a portion of the Bible? Would they stop and risk losing millions of dollars in order to not offend Christians?

Of course not, look around. There is mainstream media everywhere taking pock shots at Jesus and God and the Bible and…well…all of it.

So, what is the difference? Why are people so scared of offending one religion over another? Is that religion better? Are they afraid the Muslims will retaliate in someway? What is it?

Most Americans aren’t Muslim, so why is everyone so sensitive towards them?

Why is Christianity the proverbial “red-headed-step-child” when it comes to being picked on?

Do you want my thought? Christianity doesn’t scare anyone because it has become impotent.

That’s right….IMPOTENT.

Why should the media, pundits, journalists or critics care whether or not they offend the Christians? What are they gonna do? The answer is: Nothing. They will mope and complain, but in the end, Christians will say, “you know what, I don’t care.”

We as believers, have let the one and only power to change the world become a “Jesus is my Homeboy” hat.

Where is the power? Where are the believers willing to take a stand against what is right and wrong? Where are the King Davids and his fighting men?

Tell me, please……where are they?

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