Book Review: “For Young Men Only” by Feldhahn and Rice


Have you ever said, “I wish I knew then what I know now”? Well, after reading For Young Men Only, by Jeff Feldhahn & Eric Rice, I have been saying just that.

For Young Men Only is a book for teenage guys about having healthy relationship with girls, especially ones they are interested in (which is most of them). It tears down wrong perceptions us guys have about girls and what they are thinking.

This is essentially a handbook –or cheat sheet—for teenage guys; to give them a leg up on the competition.

It gets into the minds of teenage girls and helps teenage guys know what girls are looking for in a boyfriend, which I can tell you is not the same thing most guys are looking for in a girlfriend.

It does deal with the subject of sex, but in a very matter of fact, non-intrusive, bible-based way.

I’m 35, have been married for almost 8 years, have two kids and I still learned a lot. Either that means I was clueless or the book was very informative. I’ll go with the latter.

The book was presented in a way that you knew the writers were telling the truth and not just making up statistics to fit their own agenda. I appreciated the fact that they let their faith be known in a way that didn’t keep them from learning the truth. Sometimes as believers, we can ignore what is really going on because it clashes with what we are comfortable talking about.

Jeff and Eric, as they call themselves in the book, put their personalities in their writing and it made the book even that much easier to read. I will keep a copy at the house for my two little guys, ages 2 and 4, to read when they get a little older.

I served as youth leader at my church for 3 years and have worked with and ministered to hundreds of teenagers. Undoubtedly on a missions trip, a weekend retreat or even a simple youth service, there will be a guy who does something stupid to try and impress a girl…without fail.

Knowing guys are like that, wouldn’t it be great to hand them a book that can help give them a new perspective on what to do and not to do. It may not keep them from jumping into a lake in January, but it could at least help them understand why his girlfriend won’t talk him anymore.

Most books written for teenage guys are cheesy. They are written by people who are trying to be cool but can’t,  and they are really designed more for younger kids. This book is written specifically to guys who are teenagers and keeps the I’m-trying-to-be-cool stuff to a minimum.

I highly recommend this book to youth leaders, parents, or anyone who has a teenage guy in their life somewhere.

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