Staying Strong as a Leader

For the past few months, because of the Mike Guglielmucci and Todd Bentley disasters, I’ve been giving a lot of thought to what it takes to stay strong as a leader. I don’t mean just as a Pastor, necessarily, but as a leader in general. We are all leaders in one capacity or another. Whether you are a teacher, a shift foreman, a pastor, a Sunday school teacher, a worship team member or a parent, you are a leader.

So, how does someone stay strong?

I think a lot of it has to do with knowing what causes a leader to fall. Perry Noble writes, in his article Four Transitions We Should Not Want To Make-Part 1:

“One of THE single most dangerous things a leader can deal with is the loss of passion for what God has called him to.

He goes on to say:

If you’re a leader then you’ve been there…and you know what it’s like. AND…if you are in this stage then you need to be willing to honestly [evaluate] where you are…and then make the hard decisions that you need to make to pace yourself for the long haul.

I once heard someone say that if the enemy can’t make you sin then he will try to do something even worse…he will attack your passion.

AND…from the looks of things across the ministry battleground…he’s winning. There are way too many of us that have simply lost sight of our first love.

In Revelation (I never know if it is the book of Revelation or Revelations), the church is chided for forgetting its first love, God. As a leader we must not lose sight of God, because if we do, then the world will eat us alive.

We are busy; kids, taking care of family issues, work, church, baseball, soccer, music practice, PTA, homework, Wii… should I go on? Through all of this, we have to find someway to keep rekindling that Passion. That passion for God, our spouses, our families and whatever else we are involved in.

When we lose that passion for God, He becomes nothing but a set of rules to follow, and none of us are good at following something we don’t have passion for. When we lose that passion for our spouses, our marriage becomes a hassle and there is constant fighting. When we lose that passion for our kids we become grumpy parents who are yelling all the time. When we lose that passion for making a living we become discontented, miserable employees who are no good to anyone.

If you feel like the passion has been taken from you, then take it back. Talk to someone and find out how you can rekindle that flame and begin taking back what is yours. Stand up and fight for the right to be passionate about God. Surprise your spouse with a renewed energy to make the marriage the best it can be. Shock your children by playing with them tonight instead of lounging in front of the TV for 2 hours.

It is our God-given right to stay strong. It is His will for us to be victorious over-comers, and to stay that way.

Loss of passion is a big part of what causes us to fall as leaders. But what causes us to lose our passion? That is saved for another day.

In the mean time, remember the words of the immortal Beastie Boys, “You’ve gotta fight for your right to party”… know what I mean.

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