Trying Out Desktop Blogging

I’m using Windows Live Writer. I had to do something because it takes forever to post using the dashboard. A lot of it has to do with the fact that every time I log on I find something to tweak, and there goes another hour of my life.

Someone was talking about me doing a blog for our church and I started thinking, “Does anyone really know how much time this takes, because if they did, they wouldn’t have asked me.” Plus, I’ve started one at work. Although I have to admit, that one has taken off. I work at a Roofing Company and the blog has gotten lots of traffic in the 2 weeks it has been in existence.

However, I have to find someway to get people here in South Carolina to look at, and not people from Europe and Hawaii. Then I just have to point them to our regular website, assuming they are interested in our company or services, and voila.

We’ll see. For the mean time, I enjoy doing it and it is an outlet for my many random thoughts.


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