Blog Competition With My Wife

She just posted information about recycling crayons. Sound crazy? Check it out here. She is great at finding stuff like this, and really anything on arts and crafts.

But that is not the reason I am writing. The reason is because she and I are competing and she doesn’t even know it, and I’m losing.

You see, Heidi has had a Facebook page for sometime now. That was her thing, blogging was mine, but recently she started a blog. It was kind of frustrating for her at first because she didn’t know what to write and not many people were coming to it; and the ones that did were coming through a link on mine.

Well, that has changed. She is apparently writing on stuff that other women find interesting and I’m getting left in the dust. Actually, I thought about just shutting my blog down and never writing anything again. But then I started thinking, “What would Jesus do?” Just kidding, it just seemed to fit.

So I’ve decided my blog will have nothing but naked women, cars and links to free beer. That has to work right?

Besides, isn’t that what a marriage is about, Competition? I can’t just stand by and let her win like that, can I? Who is she that she should be good at something that I’m not? What does she think I’m going to do, just stand around and help her do something she really enjoys; something that is becoming a blessing to other women? Am I just going to support her blindly with no regard for my wants or needs?

Darn right. Guys, that is our job. To help our wives become everything God has created them to be, whether we ever get noticed or not. And when we start competing with them then we’ve already lost. Ask yourself, if we are to love our wives as Christ loves us, how can we not set aside ourselves for their sake?.

Now obviously I’m kidding about the blog competition, but I did have to think twice about not accidentally deleting her blog.

Back to my idea on getting my blog more noticed…check back soon…just don’t tell my wife.

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