Do You Really Think You Can Out-Think God?

Moses tried his best to weasel out of delivering God’s people. He tried everything: too old, can’t speak, blah blah blah. But if you read where God suggests using Aaron (his older brother) as a mouthpiece, God actually says that Aaron is on his way. God knew, obviously because He is God, that Moses was going to try and get out of it so He had Aaron scheduled to meet him there all the time. Read it.

Peter denied Christ 3 times, we all know that, but if you read the story Jesus actually says (I’m paraphrasing) to Peter, “I know you are going to deny me but, when you come back to me, here is how I’m going to use you.” Jesus knew Peter was going to deny Him so He already had a plan in place to handle it.

If we think that we can out-maneuver God by choosing the wrong job, or not going into the ministry earlier, then we are delusional.

Do you really think Jonah threw God for a loop when he decided to get on that boat for Tarsus? Do you think God was up there scratching His head trying to figure out what to do next? So why do we fret over making the wrong move or stepping out in faith?


The worst thing that can happen is for you to try and figure it out so much that you become paralyzed with indecision.

Garth Brooks wrote a song called “The Dance”. It is about not trying something just because you don’t know how it will turn out. We fall into that don’t we? We want God to show us the end. We want to have a timeline of events with every pitfall and obstacle shown to us so we can decide if it is worth our time. Who are we to decide if it is worth it? Are we so inward focused that if we can’t see how it will end then obviously it isn’t from God?

I know, as good believers, we don’t want to do anything outside the will of God. That is admirable and Biblical. So how do you decide to do something when you aren’t sure whether it is the will of God or not?

But don’t we know the will of God, at least to an extent? Don’t we know that it is His will for us to pray to Him, seek His counsel, tithe, help those in need and live as though we were set apart, which we are? If you walk out your life this way, putting Him first and doing His will to the extent He has revealed it to you, then you will have peace and won’t be double-minded, which according to James, makes you unstable.

What happens though is we get worried that we will make the wrong choice and…. what? We think He won’t love us anymore? He won’t be able to use us now?

Fear is a powerful thing. It can take a man or woman, destined to be used by God for great things, and make them powerless; you’ll be filled with potential and that’s all.

There was nothing Moses could do to thwart the will of God. Peter, try as he might, could not get away from Jesus and his compassion. You and I are the same way. We are going to screw up. We are going to make wrong decisions. We are going to do things that would make a normal person scratch there head. But, as Jesus told Peter, He has a plan already in place.

If you are honestly seeking Him and not your own gratification then step out. Don’t be afraid to try reaching people for Him in a different way.

Don’t get paralyzed with indecision and miss the dance.

Do you really think you can out-think God? No, but you can out-think yourself and become miserable.

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