Transitions Can Be Hard But Exciting

I heard someone yesterday compare a transition our church is going through (pastoral change) to a mother expecting a child. Before the baby is born she is a little nervous, a lot uncomfortable and very tired but at the same time, excited.

I think that explains what, as a church, we are feeling. We are nervous about getting a new leader but there is a nervous excitement around the church. That excitement is bringing a new energy to CWOC.

But the good thing about this transition is it is not out of a dispute or church fight that it is happening. Our pastor is “retiring” (for lack of a better word) from pastoring a church full-time to traveling and preaching around the world. He is going through a transition himself.

This is exciting because it is a win-win situation for both our pastor, and our church. Our Pastor is now able to do something he hasn’t in a long time, and at CWOC, God is bringing a new leader who can carry out the vision He has for CWOC in 2008 and beyond.

A wise woman in our church said that we, CWOC, need to have our hands open to: a) release our current pastor to do the ministry God has called him to and b) receive the new pastor, his family and his vision.

Transitions can be devastating to a church. But it seems that if the church leaders (deacons, elders, board members, or whatever your church has) are seeking God’s will and not their own, and if the congregation lifts up the leadership in prayer, then things can work out for the better.

God emphasizes unity in the Bible, maybe there is a reason.

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