Author of ‘Healer’ Admits He Lied about Having Cancer

One of my favorite worship bands is Planetshakers, a group out of Australia. On one of their newest albums, a song called ‘Healer’, written by a man named Michael Guglielmucci, was released. Incidentally, it was on the newest release of Hillsong (This is Our God) too. It has been removed from the website but can still be found on itunes. Guglielmucci claimed to have terminal cancer, and to have received the words to the song ‘Healer’ on the day he got the diagnosis.

He has spoken and led worship in front of tens of thousands of people, many being youth. But it has come out in the last couple days that he never had cancer, that it was all a fake. At the bottom I’ve included a link to the news release.

The song was on YouTube and apparently in one video he apparently led the song with an oxygen mask on.

Pray for Planetshakers. It is mostly young people and this is going to hurt. Pray for Hillsong; that this won’t interfere with the awesome work they have been doing in getting new Godly songs out there.

But mostly pray for him as he seeks professional help.

Also, please remember we serve Jesus, not man. Keep your eyes on Him. Keep your eyes on Him. Keep your eyes on Him.

Click Here for the link to the news release.

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