Summing Up Society

“…my choice is what i choose to do and if im causing no harm it shouldnt bother you. your choice is who you choose o be, and if your causing no harm then your all right with me.” jerry, mendota, IL

This is a remark left on a chat board by someone. He is referring to smoking pot, but isn’t this what we are all about? Isn’t this the attitude that we fight within ourselves and others everyday?

God saves us from ourselves. Could you imagine living your life doing whatever you want because you think, “it’s ok, it isn’t hurting anyone else.” We would, and many of us have, self-destruct. I used to see the Bible as a set of rules that kept me from enjoying life and living free. But luckily I’ve come to understand what it was really meant to be; a guide for living in total empowered freedom.

Think about it. We are not bound by anything or to anyone on earth. Jesus Christ has truly set us free.

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