Cycling Devotions Part 2


In a group of riders (normal recreational ones), those up front pull, block the wind, and look out for obstacles in the road. The less experienced riders ride in the back protected from the wind so they can exert less energy as they learn to ride. As they get stronger they move up to the front where they can take turns pulling. The one thing that is hated as much as anything is a Wheelsucker, someone who rides behind someone all the time and never takes a turn pulling. It is selfish and will put you on people’s bad side quickly.

The guy who got me into cycling is a very strong rider, one of the best around. It was pure luck (if you believe in it) that we hooked up. He owns a bike shop and invited me to go with them one night. The most I had ridden at that time was about 13 miles, and when this ride was over we had gone 33. I hurt so bad, seriously, that I couldn’t sleep. But from that ride I learned a lot about myself, mainly that my butt was never meant to sit on a bicycle for more than an hour, at least not without proper cushioning. But what has meant the most to me is his instruction while we ride. He taught me the best way to draft, to pass, to pull and even how to eat and drink while I ride.

He didn’t have to, but he wanted to see me get stronger because he knew the more knowledge I had, the stronger I would get. And the stronger I got the better the chance I would keep riding.

Isn’t it the same way in God’s Kingdom? Isn’t that what we are called to do? Paul, the guy who taught me to ride, could easily have just ridden and not said a word. We, as believers, have two choices: either we walk out our faith in silence, watching people struggle for no reason, or we help those God puts in our path so that they will have a better chance at keeping the faith. (I’m never sure when to use a : colon)

When we first become believers we ride in the back while learning. We have more mature believers, hopefully, protecting us and teaching us. Then, as we mature, we move up front where we can teach and help new believers come along.

But don’t you know people who never give back? The ones who for years sit there Sunday after Sunday and never take any interest in helping other people. Wheelsuckers.

Don’t be a Wheelsucker. Don’t let the gifts and talents God has given you go to waste. Share the love, man. Help others be and do all that they can. Because somewhere along the way someone helped you, didn’t they?

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