Do We Need Another Church?

I am slap dab (where is that from anyway?) in the middle of the Bible Belt. Meaning we don’t need another church. I heard Andy Stanley comment recently on a podcast (I am paraphrasing) that Atlanta didn’t need another church just like all the others either, but did need one that was focused on reaching new people and not on keeping who they have. (He called it being outsider focused and not insider focused)

That struck me as a simple but profound statement. The one I attend now is great at what they do, but it isn’t reaching the people God is calling me to. I am struggling with the thought that God is calling me to plant a church in South Carolina. But at the same time, I look around and don’t see any ministries resembling what is on my heart. There are some great churches with awesome men of God leading them, but even they aren’t drawing the people I feel called to. So maybe West Columbia does need a new church, just not a traditional church like so many of the others.

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