Building Steam

A little less than a week ago, God impressed upon me a vision for starting a “church service” for this generation (for more information on what I mean by that read my previous couple of blogs). I put “church service” in quotes because I’m still struggling with what to call it. It isn’t a church plant, but it will be separate in the sense that there will be a different pastor and worship leader. The vision and direction I’ve been given is to build “it” the same way Nehemiah built his wall.

So this past week I set out to see exactly what that entailed. I outlined every verse in Nehemiah looking for the correlation between what God called him to do and what He is calling us to do. And I say us because I know I’m not alone, but I’m jumping ahead. As I read and wrote what each verse was saying literally, I also wrote what each verse, or section of verses, meant in our specific situation. It was stunning how the vision unfolded. At times it seamed almost scary that God could be so clear and understandable. We often think of God as being mysterious and secret, and in someways He is, but in other ways, or at least at times He is so clear it is amazing.

I’ll outline my whole vision sometime, but now is not the time. Suffice it to say I am still trying to figure out how to explain it to people. Every time I start to I get tongue tied. Not because I don’t know what I’m saying but because it is like trying to explain a feeling.

Over the last 2 weeks or so I have been hearing about more and more people in the same boat I’m in; they are frustrated with church as usual and believe there has to be more out there. I don’t think it is a coincidence that God is putting in our path people who are feeling the same way. It seems to be building steam. Every time I turn around someone else is sharing their heart for a deeper understanding of who Christ is and they just aren’t finding where they are.

To me it is exciting to see God moving. I know it is frustrating to be uncomfortable where you are, but that discomfort turns into excitement when you see God has His hand in your frustration. He makes us uncomfortable sometimes in order to move us where He wants us. And I don’t necessarily mean a physical move. It could be He wants you searching and, as it says in Acts, groping in the dark for Him. David was at odds a lot. But I think that kept him from getting passive and falling into complacency.

God is moving all over the world. In places and in ways 30 years ago would have been inconceivable. Here in West Columbia, SC He is at it again, and I believe when it is all said and done we’ll look back and see that our discomfort wasn’t something bad, it was a loving, caring nudge from a loving, caring, all-knowing God.

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