Different for Different’s Sake

rThis one is a little long, but not too bad. I think it will be worth reading.

Have you ever gotten a vision or burden from God but didn’t know exactly what to do with it? Like there is something you are called to do but the details are fuzzy. Abraham and Saul (Paul) both were told to go and they’d be shown later where and what to do when they got there. Now obviously I’m not comparing myself to either of them, but a precedent was set.

Remember in the first Matrix Neo was told to follow the white rabbit. He wasn’t told why or where just to follow. And something inside of him felt like this was the right choice. That is what I’m doing. I am following the white rabbit.

So what is this vision, or burden, that I have been blessed with?

To start a ministry specifically targeted to this generation. And that is where the details get fuzzy. Because what is this generation? I’m 35. As I follow the rabbit it appears to be leading to a ministry for college age up to about 35ish. Basically up to those with kids around 8-10 years old.

Now understand I am part of an established contemporary church. At least one that feels like it is, because we don’t sing out of a hymnal. Therefore we are contemporary if you get my drift. But where I feel God leading, and it is more of a feeling at this point, is to a non-traditional “service” that can reach and keep those who have never been to church and/ or those who have been frustrated with church as usual.

And this is where I’m having to really be led by the Spirit because I don’t want to have a “service” that is different just to be different. It has to be different in a very focused manner or I don’t see how it will work. It will fall flat very quickly when the novelty wears off.

Also, instead of planting a new church with all of the headaches and problems that entails, plus I’m in the South with a church literally on every corner, (I pass 5 on the way to my church that is 8 minutes away) we are going to be meeting in our sanctuary on Saturday night at 7PM. We have a gym behind the sanctuary that is an option, but it would require much more work to get it ready each and every week. We are leaning towards the sanctuary for obvious reasons (chairs, soundboard, drums, etc.. already there).

So as I think out loud… Is this the right venue for the generation(s) I’m trying to reach? What type of “worship” music should I have? What kind of sermons (simple, not to deep, seeker-friendly). I know stations and candles have been blown way out of proportion, but is there a way and a need to incorporate them into the service (and by the way I hate using the word service. It doesn’t seem to fit but I don’t know what else to call it)? What about communion? And then what is the best way to follow up with people? And don’t even get me started with how to “advertise” (for lack of a better word again) this gathering to them?

Well, there it is. My thoughts are out there for everyone to comment on.

I feel (not that you can always trust them) good about everything so far. I have submitted my will to His. I can safely say that I don’t have any more of an agenda than to just reach them; how, where, and exactly who, I have left up to God.

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